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Our Visa & Immigration Department works closely with our Travel Consultants to ensure information is relayed to our clients as soon as it is available from the Embassy. At the time of ticket reservation, our Travel Consultants will relay all visa requirements for that particular travel specifying the duration of visa processing as well as the visa application forms required for completion. During the embassy processing time, our Visa tracking officer keeps an electronic visa log for all the visas that have been launched and the expected completion date vis-à-vis the client’s traveling date. With this, a quality check will always be done to avoid any inconveniences to our travelers.

Gelian Safaris has a great working relationship with the Kenyan Immigration Department, which gives us a wealth of experience and the capacity to provide services such as:

  • Work Permits
  • Dependent Passes
  • Alien Card Registration
  • Special Passes
  • Cancellation of permits and passes
  • Endorsement of passports
  • Processing of all passes

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